HAMILTON Chronograph R.A.N.

Royal Australian Navy, 1970

6645-99-924-3306 080 70

Broad Arrow Commonwealth Forces

Circled "T" (Tritrium)

Hamilton 17j. Valjoux 7733 movement

Incabloc shock protection

39 mm x 46.4 mm x 13.4 mm

Screw back and round waterproof pushers



This piece of my divers' collection is a Hamilton 2 register chrono issued to the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). This individual watch has the "080 75" numbering stamped on it, where "080" represents the issue serial number and "75" the year of issue. The rear of the caseback is also stamped with the British Broad Arrow (UK Government property), issued by the Commonwealth Armed Forces in the 70's. This very same type was issued to both RAN and RAF and I have seen both versions of military caseback markings. Note that this watch was manufactured after Hamilton USA was bought over by SMH Switzerland, thus making it a Swiss Hamilton model.