GLYCINE Airman Special

Vietnam conflict era, 1970's

Cal. A.Shild 1701

Automatic 17j. Glycine movement

Hacking function for the secondhand

24 hour time display

Bezel locking device

Snap back case

Stainless Steel 36mm case

Dome shaped mineral crystal

This is not an officially issued watch and it is lacking of any military inscription at the back, but it was largely adopted by the US AirForce pilots during the Vietnam era due to its popular 24 hour time display, allowing reading of two time zones simultaneously. This featured model of my collection is most likely the second model of the Glycine Airman series housing a 17 jewel movement later replaced by a 25 jewel.  Both are automatic but the “SPECIAL” or “Special” 17 jewel model features a simple but effective secondhand hacking function not found on the subsequent models. The lower crown is mounted on a tiny plate and serves as a bezel-locking device that literally locks the bezel in place to prevent from accidental misuse. Indeed very useful to pilots durint there maneuvers.

Other particularities include the beautiful arrow shape hour hand with a counter arrow pointing at the opposite hour; the dome shaped mineral crystal with a square loupe over the date window; the well-designed snap push-down case; and last but not least the very sought after hedged crown by collectors of the earlier models. A must have for a military watch enthusiast like me!

Special cross hatched crown and second lower crown bezel locking device