ROLEX Submariner Date

Ref. 16610.93150-1998

Cal. Rolex 3135 28.5mm

Automatic/Spiral Breguet

31j.-28.800 A/h

Power reserve 50h.

Chronometer C.O.S.C.

Water-resistant to 300m

Trip-lock type crown

Fliplock "Oyster" bracelet

Rolex just happens to be the most successful watch manufacturer ever. A few dates in the history of Rolex: the first Oyster model was born in 1926. The year 1931 revealed the first Oyster Perpetual model with a 360° rotor. In 1953 Rolex released the 'Submariner 100m' later known as the James Bond model when Sean Connery wore the watch in the famous beach scene with Ursula Andress for Dr. NO.The legendary Daytona chronograph was released in the mid-70's.

On a military standpoint, Rolex has been the official supplier of the French, British and Commonwealth navies.

TUDOR Oyster Prince Submariner

Ref. 7928-III 1964

Cal.390 automatic

(Based on Rolex Cal.1030 with the addition of an automatic rotor module on top)

Case used: Rolex 5513

Oversized second hand dot

Riveted Rolex "Oyster" bracelet

Acrylic domed crystal

Water-resistant to 200m

Duo-lock Rolex non-doted crown

The "Oyster-case" classic design from Rolex

Rolex Modern Case 16610


Tudor Vintage Rolex case 7928

In comparison to my modern Rolex Sub is my Tudor Submariner model ref. 7928 from 1967. This is a civilian version of the same Rolex case used by the US Navy Seals and it has the “shield dial” version succeeding the "rose dial".

Like the 5513 it houses the same Cal. 390, based on the Rolex 1030. This Sub 7928 is a non-date model and does not hack. This one came with an original Rolex riveted-bracelet, has a distinctive sharp crown shoulders and a prominent and flat back as opposed to the following buble-back models.

A true Tudor from Rolex!

Rolex case 16610 on a Nato band

Tudor case 7928 (Rolex 5513) on a Nato band